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Born and raised in ghetto Stockton. Escaped to the nirvana Santa Barbara. Built a fort in Los Angeles. Lewis and Clark’d in Vietnam. Now, creating in SF.

My name is Joe Nguyen. Hello.

I studied how hormones, sniffing drugs and seeing beautiful people all release dopamine and norepinephrine to the brain. I pushed webpages up the ladder of search engines by throwing stacks of cash at it and gaming the system to drive millions of visitors to your website.

I drove furiously around on a motorbike with a Protec helmet and ate food so delicious, only my fellow compadres can dream about. South East Asia is definitely the new wild wild west. The opportunities are abundant and the learning curve (and cars) leave little room for error.

It’s 2014 now and I’m back in San Francisco. The culture is flourishing and the people are beautiful.

I’m big on creating and learning to cut back on the consumption. I even once did the master cleanse and oh my, was that damaging. However, I did walk away with many new insights about myself and one of them being how great bread smells. Many times, the simplest appreciations can often be overlooked.

From brush strokes to melodies to taste buds, if we can create a positive experience for anyone, we’ve added value in our lifetime.

Let’s make stuff.

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